Become a Professional SSI Dive Master Recognized Worldwide

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  • Duration: 30 days
  • Price GBP: £742

Can you imagine turning the thing you love into your job? If diving is your passion then this is the course for you! The Dive Master internship is a two-month course and the first professional dive qualification to allow you to become a qualified Dive Instructor. The course takes place on the beautiful island of Koh Tao, in South Thailand, renowned the world over as a diver’s have. During your course you will meet tons of like-minded people and become part of our friendly diving family, as well as getting a qualification that will change your life forever!

To enrol on the Dive Master course you must be 18 years or older. You must have successfully completed the qualifying certification (See our first course – SSI Open Water Diver) from a recognised training agency. When you finish your Dive Master Course you are able to work all over the world teaching other people how to explore the amazing underwater world! The rewarding experience of sharing your skill with others is the aim of this qualification.

Price Includes: All course materials and SSI certification fee. Accommodation is not included, however during your course we will help you find some cheap accommodation on the island and also get you big discounts on any dive equipment you require.

Job Opportunities Worldwide

Gaining your SSI Dive Master Qualification means that you will be able to look for jobs in amazing destinations all over the globe. Forget the boring 9-5, being a Dive Master is about passion, fun, sharing expertise with others and a work-life balance.

Since 1970, SSI has been a leader in professional education. Whether you choose to continue your education whenever you get the chance, or make diving your career – the choice is yours! Being a professional Dive Instructor can be rewarding both personally and financially. Dive Resorts all over the world are always looking for fully-trained and highly motivated staff to work in some beautiful and tropical locations. You may even find yourself a job in Koh Tao, Thailand after you qualify. The doors are now open for you…

About the Qualification

This one-month dive internship involves:

  • In-depth theory lessons.
  • Skill circuits, swim tests, dive guide experience, assisting instructors, and lots more.
  • The freedom to go fun diving when you want and schedule your own course.
  • Oxygen (O2) Provider Course

After the two month internship, with this qualification you will be able to:

  • Work at dive centres, live-aboard dive boats, private yachts, cruise ships all over the world.
  • Lead certified divers on guided tours / Discover Scuba Diver.
  • Teach and certify divers on SSI programs.
What This Means

SSI’s Master Diver rating is one of the most elite ratings in diving today. Divers that have completed this level have combined the knowledge, skills and experience to truly call themselves Master Divers.

Why SSI?

Flexibility – SSI’s Training Standards and Total Teaching System are the perfect blend of structure and flexibility. We train you to be a dive professional capable of making judgments to meet the challenges of your geographic area and the needs of your students.

Quality – SSI’s Dive Professional pathway will teach you to lead dives, train you what it takes to produce confident, comfortable divers and make you a valuable asset in a dive center or resort.

Recognition – SSI Dive Professionals are respected all over the world because for their reputation of creating divers. The fact that business education is part of the dive professional training adds no small part to this acknowledgment.

In addition SSI holds the esteemed ISO certification worldwide. With over 30 SSI Service Centers globally, 2.500 Authorized Dive Centers and Dive Resorts in 110+ countries and educational materials translated and printed in 25+ languages, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you with SSI.

Do you have any more questions about the internship? Feel free to contact us.