About Us

You may have heard of us from South East Asia Backpacker Magazine and the brand new South America Backpacker Magazine!

Long-term travelers, magazine publishers, writers, expats, bloggers, adventurers, trekkers, divers, party animals, explorers – whatever you want to call us – our aim is to inspire people to hitch on the backpack and hit the open road.

With an insane love of travel and five years experience under our belt, we decided to create Backpacker Bookings so that we could share all of the amazing trips that we have discovered with you guys and so you can easily share our experience and book the best trips on-line.

Many of the trips that you will find on this website have been personally tried and tested by our team and not only are they great fun and value for money, they can open the door to even more adventures!

“I booked a 2-week trip to Nepal with Gecko Adventures as a 23-year old nervous backpacker. Since that day, I have never returned home!” (Nikki Scott – Founder of S.E.A Backpacker Magazine)

If you want advice or pointing in the right direction, feel free to get in touch with us – we’re a friendly bunch!