Ultimate Thailand Experience 3 Week Group Adventure FAQs


1. Do many people travel alone?
Yes, many travellers—both male and female—travel alone throughout Southeast Asia. Upon arrival you will meet your travel mates and begin your adventure together.

2. Do I need any vaccinations?
Yes, please arrange an appointment with your local physician and explain your travel plans. Most hospitals have travel clinics with helpful information and vaccinations on site.

Please visit here for more information: CDC

3. Is there a dress code for entering the temples?
Yes, the dress code is seen as a show of respect to the temple and monks that live there. Men should wear long pants and no cut-off sleeves. Women should wear skirts or dresses that extend fully below the knees. Tank tops and low cut shirts should also be avoided.

4. Will I have access to the internet?
Yes, most cafes, hotels and restaurants have free wireless internet. There will be times when you won’t have access, during camping and homestay.

5. What is the best time of year to travel to Thailand?

Thailand has three seasons and none of them are a bad time to visit – it just depends what you prefer!
  • November – February is known as the cool season (also high season for travellers) – the weather is the ‘coolest’ (still very hot!) but not as humid with sunny days and a cooler breeze than the blistering ‘hot season’.
  • March – May – scorching hot season!
  • May – October is the ‘rainy / monsoon season’ which people often avoid – but the reality is that the rain comes down only a few hours a day / it is still hot and sunny most of the time plus prices can be cheaper as it is considered ‘low season’.
This also varies depending on the different parts of the country you are in. Here’s a good description on Rough Guides. However, please remember that these things are always unpredictable!

6. Can I wash my clothes during the 3 week tour?
Yes sure, you will have time during day 6-7 to wash clothes and from day 13.

7. Can I contact other people who have booked onto the same tour as me?
We encourage everyone to talk over our social networks (You can find a list of them at the bottom of this page). If you’re thinking of joining our tour, or if you’ve joined a tour, we encourage you to let others know by posting on our Facebook page. We will also make a Facebook group for your tour a few weeks before it starts.


8. What will the accommodation be like during the tour?
Your accommodation will be clean with western toilets at all times. You will be sleeping in twin, triple and dormitory rooms, paired up randomly in same sex. Couples will be always paired together. Hot showers and AC provided most days. You will be sleeping in a tent on day 8 of the tour. Tents are provided, including pillow, cover, soft mat and torches. You will sleep on a sleeping train on day 11 and a floating bungalow on day 12.

9. Can I skip parts of the itinerary?
Of course! This is your own time to explore Thailand as you please. If you want to stay back at the hotel to relax just let the tour guide know.

10. Does it matter if I arrive before my starting date?
No problem. Just make sure to arrive at the hotel for the starting date of the tour. If you wish, We can arrange hotel transfer and an extra night accommodation for 1600 THB (£30). This includes breakfast. Please contact us for more information.

9. What happens once the tour is completed?
We will take you to the airport as soon as the bus arrives into Bangkok or you have the choice to go back to the hotel. At the hotel you have free use of the pool and towels and storage room. Or we can give you advice on what else to do in Thailand if you plan to stay longer.

10. I would like to stay in the south of Thailand after the tour is finished, is that OK?
Absolutely not! Only joking. Yes that’s fine, you can skip the journey back to Bangkok and your tour guide will give you advice on what to else to do in the South.


11. What are the meals like on the tour?
You will eat mostly Thai food, which is usually rice or noodle dishes. Breakfasts are typically western dishes. As the tour explores different areas of Thailand, you will have the opportunity to taste the various styles of cuisine from around the country. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be provided.

12. I have read a lot about the “street food”. Is it safe to eat?
Yes, if you see Thai people eating it that’s the best indication that the food is safe. Sharing a meal is a celebrated part of Thai culture and we recommend you try!

13. Is Thailand suitable for vegetarians?
Vegetarians will be happy to know that Thailand is very accommodating to vegetarians. Your tour guide can instruct any kitchen to create a Thai dish without meat which they will often substitute with tofu.


14. Do I need a visa to enter Thailand?
Yes, you need a visa to enter Thailand. Arriving by plane grants you a 30 day visa automatically, which is long enough to complete the tour. You can apply for a 60 or 90 day visa at your local embassy if you wish to stay longer. If you don’t wish to stay longer than 30 days you should arrange onward transport before arriving. Please visit TOURIST-VISA for more information. Please check information with your local Thai embassy that this information applies to you.

15. When can I book my flights?
Once your tour has been confirmed you can arrange your flights. Please enter your flight information in the ‘Login’ area.

16. Must my flight arrive at a certain time?
No, you can arrive at any time. Just let us know your flight details in the ‘Login’ area. We recommend that you arrive before 16.00 on day 1 and later than 14.00 on day 21. If your flight arrives before the starting date we can arrange extra accommodation which includes hotel transfer and breakfast. Please contact us if you want us to arrange this for you.


16. Must I pay for the tour in full to confirm my place?
No, a deposit of £250 will confirm your place on the tour. We ask that you please provide the remaining balance no less than 3 weeks before your tour begins.

17. When will the tour be confirmed?
Your place will be confirmed when 5 or more people have signed up for your tour and at least 14 days prior to the start of your tour. We will email you to confirm and we will refund you the full amount if the tour is cancelled. Tours are generally confirmed 6 months before departure.

18. Which airport should I book my flights to?
Please book your flights to Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok airport.

19. Can I change my tour date after I have booked?
Yes, just give us at least 3 weeks’ notice in order to allow another traveller to take your spot.


20. What type of backpack do you recommend I take?
Backpacks are preferred but suitcases are fine too. Try to find something that’s easily accessible and is waterproof. You’ll never have to carry your luggage for too long at any one time. Bring a smaller bag for short trips.

21. What do I need to bring with me?
We recommend the following:

  • 1 pair of long trousers (necessary for men to enter temples)
  • 1 light but waterproof jacket
  • Simple padlock to lock up your belongings
  • 1 long sleeved top (also for visiting temples)
  • Shoes that are suitable for hiking
  • Shoes that are easily removed. (Upon entering temples and many buildings you will be expected to remove your shoes as a sign of respect. The easier, the better.)
  • Swim wear
  • A camera is highly suggested to remember your experience!
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen

And of course the usual, passport, spending money etc!