A Dose of Paradise with Free & Easy Traveler! 20 Days in Thailand

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  • Duration: 20 days
  • Price GBP: £1,320

Experience all the highlights of Southern Thailand on this ‘Free & Easy Adventure’ that will ensure you soak up as much paradise as humanely possible in 20-days. You’ll begin your trip with one epic night in Bangkok where you’ll get a great introduction to the infamous city that is always sure to create some of the best travel stories. You’ll then keep the good times going on a night train south to enjoy our hand-picked gem destinations that will take you to islands on both of Thailand’s stunning coasts and through a national park deep in the jungle that could rival any spot as the most beautiful on the planet!

As hard as it is to spend just 20-days in Thailand, this trip is certifiably as awesome as they come. The beaches are legendary, ones we never grow weary of spending day after day after day on, the parties are equally as legendary, somehow becoming better and better each time you throw down, and the Thai people you will get to meet and stay with are like family to us and will no doubt blow you away with their welcoming nature and constant laughter. This trip will fly by, because like a good night there will be no time to do anything but smile and pinch yourself to ensure that it’s not just a dream!

JAN 19, 2015 – FEB 08, 2015
FEB 08, 2015 – FEB 28, 2015
MAR 22, 2015 – APR 11, 2015
APR 28, 2015 – MAY 22, 2015
MAY 02, 2015 – MAY 22, 2015
MAY 22, 2015 – JUN 10, 2015
JUN 10, 2015 – JUN 30, 2015
JUL 02, 2015 – JUL 22, 2015
JUL 22, 2015 – AUG 11, 2015
AUG 14, 2015 – SEP 03, 2015
OCT 07, 2015 – OCT 28, 2015
NOV 21, 2015 – DEC 12, 2015
JAN 19, 2016 – FEB 08, 2016
FEB 08, 2016 – FEB 28, 2016
MAR 22, 2016 – APR 11, 2016
APR 28, 2016 – MAY 22, 2016
MAY 02, 2016 – MAY 22, 2016
MAY 22, 2016 – JUN 10, 2016
JUN 10, 2016 – JUN 30, 2016
JUL 02, 2016 – JUL 22, 2016
JUL 22, 2016 – AUG 11, 2016
AUG 14, 2016 – SEP 03, 2016

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Check out these amazing locations that you’ll visit during the 10-day trip and some awesome experiences you will have! Free and Easy adventures are about spontaneity, freedom and fun so there is no rigid itinerary – we like to just… go with… the flow!

The largest city and capital of Thailand, Bangkok is known not only as the gateway to Thailand but to all of Southeast Asia. At around 10 million people, Bangkok is a hive of activity and is full of people from all over the world. Its eclectic mix of residents and travellers creates one of the most international and diverse major cities in the world. Despite its diversity in people, Bangkok is very traditionally Thai – some of the most elaborate and extraordinary Buddhist temples lie within Bangkok and the city is filled with beautiful dedications to the King and the Royal Family, including The Grand Palace. There is an infinity of places to explore in this city and things to do, but most people will spend their time doing what Bangkok has become infamous with travellers for: shopping, eating amazing food and epic partying.
Koh Phangan is like an adult playground. It’s one of those places that you drop your bag, throw on your swimsuit and spend all day barefoot sipping on beers, soaking in the sun and enjoying a laid-back and relaxing beach life. It’s the perfect place to get together with a group of friends and feel like you’re never going to grow up. The home of the infamous Full Moon Party and some of Thailand’s craziest beach parties, Koh Phangan will offer you as much party-time as you can handle, however don’t worry about being caught up in the chaos as we stay on an isolated and beautiful beach just a short boat ride away from the main party spot that offers the perfect peaceful refuge. This beach is a gem destination for us and has been a part of every one of our Thailand trips and we see no reason to ever stop going to this magical place!

Surrounded by looming limestone cliffs and accessible only by boat, Railay Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. With a unique culture revolving around reggae music and rock-climbing, Railay has one of the coolest vibes you’ll ever experience and is great for both day-time activities and night-time partying. There are no roads or vehicles and everything is within walking-distance, including seriously stunning beaches, a variety of cliffs to climb and a hidden lagoon! The locals in Railay are famously friendly and generally speak very good English, so it’s a perfect place to hang out with them and learn more about Thai people and just meet some seriously cool folks. Railay is also home to some of the best fire-spinners in the world and every night you have a chance to see one of their incredible shows. So whether you feel like learning how to do cool new things or just kicking back and chilling, Railay knows how to make you feel right at home!

Situated about an hour ferry ride from Thailand’s west coast in the Andaman Sea lies the Phi Phi Islands (pronounced ‘pee pee’), a stunning tropical refuge for travellers and fisherman alike. Limestone cliffs rise from the glassy green water, framing the islands and creating calm bays and coves where white-sand beaches stretch out into warm, crystal clear water and nestle up against the line of palm trees. Two main islands make up Koh Phi Phi, both of which are considered some of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh.

Phi Phi Don is famous for its back-to-back crescent shaped, white-sand beaches that are separated by only 250 feet of land! It is the island where virtually everyone visiting Phi Phi stays. It has evolved into one of the hottest party spots for backpackers in Thailand and you’ll be sure to meet plenty of fun-loving travellers here from all over the world. And just a short boat ride from Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh is a stunning national park and home of Maya Bay, where Leonardo Dicaprio’s movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed. You could make the argument that Phi Phi Leh is the most visually gorgeous island in the world and is the gem of the glorious islands that make up the epic destination of Koh Phi Phi!

Between Southern Thailand’s two coasts, far from the beaches, deep inside an ancient rainforest lies one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the country: Khao Sok National Park. Surrounded by soaring cliffs and mountains dense in thick jungle vegetation and with rivers pouring down waterfalls leading to one of the most breathtaking lakes in the world, Khao Sok is like no other place you ever have or will visit. People may travel to Thailand for the beaches, but for the 10 years we’ve been running our Thailand trips, Khao Sok has often ended up being people’s favourite spot on the entire trip!

What’s included?  What isn’t included?
  • Hand-woven jumbo hammock ($100 value!).
  • 2-day Rainforest Lake Trip (All meals incl.).
  • Authentic Thai Style Welcome Dinner.
  • Phi Phi Island / Maya Bay Sunset Boat Trip.
  • Bangkok Temple Tour.
  • Three Viewpoint Hikes.
  • River Tubing through a Rainforest.
  • The Full Moon Party!*
  • Caving.
  • All Taxes (GST, PST, Airport tax).
  • Airport Transfers
  • All accommodations for your 20-day Free & Easy experience.
  • Group travel between destinations.
  • Two knowledgeable and fun Free & Easy leaders!
  • Free and Easy Travel Guidebook.
  • 15 years of trip leading experience
  • * Only on trip dates that land on a Full Moon.
  • Return International Flights.
  • All meals and drinks (except those mentioned).
  • Activities outside of the ones listed to the left.
  • Any Visas or Visa fees.