20 Days in Peru with Free & Easy Traveler: Wander the Incan World

A true traveller’s trip, this 20-day adventure through Peru provides an opportunity to see some of the world’s most amazing sights, be exposed to a new way of living and learn about one of the most intriguing ancient cultures in the world. Beginning in the coastal capital of Lima, a hectic but charming metropolis, you will move through the legendary terrain of Peru; from the expansive desert dunes to the majestic islands on Lake Titicaca and up into the Andes Mountains to gaze upon the ancient Incan wonder of Machu Pichu. With a large emphasis on adventure, this trip is not for the beach bums but instead creates an experience of high exhilaration, enlightening cultural exposure and the stimulating feeling of a changing scenery. Be prepared to sport everything from bikinis on the coast to a sweater and pants in the mountains as you get a full travel experience on our unique adventure through one of the world’s most fascinating countries!

The travel dates available for this trip are:
APR 01 2017 – APR 20 2017
MAY 01 2017 – MAY 20 2017
MAY 21 2017 – JUN 09 2017
JUN 10 2017 – JUN 29 2017
SEP 24 2017 – OCT 13 2017
OCT 17 2017 – NOV 05 2017

*Group size on average 15 people but can range between 10-20.

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Check out the places you will visit during your 20-day epic adventure:

At first glance, Lima may seem much like many other unattractive major cities full of concrete buildings and crowded, noisy streets and worth not much more than a quick pass in and out when using its airport. But you’ll find that Lima is hiding a great deal of fun and wonderment within its city limits. When the fog lifts from this massive desert city and you take a closer look around, you’ll find ancient temples strewn amongst modern houses and old, well-preserved colonial mansions over-looking Lima’s coastline, which boasts some wicked surf! A thriving art scene, fascinating museums, some super fun nightclubs and some of the best and most diverse food options of any city in the world, Lima is a complete city that provides a great experience worth much more than just a quick pass through.
A very cool destination situated around an oasis surrounded by looming sand dunes that sprawl out far into the distance, Huacachina is a traveler’s refuge. The town itself, positioned around a dream-like picturesque lagoon, has grown into an infamous party spot for travellers in Peru. The surrounding desert dunes offer a playground to Huacachina’s visitors who can bomb up and down the dunes at breakneck speeds in dune buggies or strap on a sand-board and carve down the faces of the sandy mountains. Wine lovers can venture to the nearby vineyards as well and sample the famous Pisco wines. Huacachina is also the jumping point to one of Peru’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries: the Ballestes Islands, known as ‘the mini Galapagos’ on account of the massive concentration of animals living there – including penguins, blue footed boobies, a plethora of different birds and thousands of sea lions!
In the Andes Mountains, surrounded by active, snow-capped volcanoes, large salt lakes, expansive deserts, and the world’s deepest canyons, the city of Arequipa lies in one of the most extravagant natural places on Earth. A very fun and young-blooded city, Arequipa provides the perfect home-base for experiencing the wicked outdoor activities in the surrounding terrain by day and partying at one of the city’s many bars by night. But with amazing downhill mountain biking, white-water rafting and rock climbing opportunities nearby, keeping your days busy is a must here! Not to mention the phenomenal trek into Cañón del Colca, a canyon twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, where you can view the spectacular flight of the Andean condor. And if you do need a day of rest in Arequipa, there are several remarkable historical sights and worthwhile museums as well as some relaxing cafes to keep each moment in this gorgeous city enjoyable.
The historic capital of the great Inca Empire, the legendary city of Cusco should be on every traveller’s wish list. Situated at a breathtakingly high elevation of 3400m, the cobblestone streets and very well preserved colonial buildings still sit atop the ancient stone foundations laid by the Incas. Around the city, the Andean peaks soar in the backdrop as the lush Amazon jungle and cloud forests encroach closer on the stunning terrain surrounding Cusco. And it is within this nature that you find the Sacred Valley of the Río Urubama, the Inca’s mythical homeland where some of the world’s most fascinating ruins lie and one of the most awe-inspiring places to trek through. With a ton of incredible markets selling Peru’s best handmade clothes and goods, a tantalizing diversity in delicious food options, and a vibrant fiesta-loving atmosphere to the town, Cusco is much more than a place to stop en route to Machu Picchu.
Machu Piccu
Perched high up in the Andes Mountains, surrounded by lush green peaks and misty clouds sits the great lost Incan city of Machu Picchu. 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World and the most renowned archaeological site in the western hemisphere, what more is there to say about Machu Picchu? It’s incredible in every way, from its mysterious and elaborate temples to its out-of-this-world location, it’s a sight that everyone should aim to see once in their life. The town of Machu Picchu, in the Urubamaba Valley, exists solely as a base camp for people to view the magnificent ruins by day and have a nice place to catch their breath by night. Despite being a town built around tourism, there is a mystical feel to the town appropriate of its location and it boasts one of the best night-markets you’ll find in Peru.
Whats included Whats not included
  • Sunset Dune Buggy & Sand-boarding trip.
  • Explore Cuzco, the oldest city in South America.
  • Entrance and professionally guided tour of Machu Picchu! (and time to explore at your own leisure).
  • Entrance to a Machu Pich viewpoint hike.
  • Meals & home stay for an island-hopping trip on Lake Titicaca – the world’s highest navigable lake.
  • All Taxes (GST, PST, Airport tax).
  • Return international flights (in/out Lima) and airport transfers***
  • Accommodations for your 20-day Free & Easy experience.
  • Group travel between destinations.
  • 2 knowledgeable and fun Free & Easy leaders.
  • Free and Easy Travel Guidebook.
  • 15 years of trip leading experience.