Traveling Classroom: One Month Language & Adventure in Ecuador!

Have you ever dreamed about immersing yourself entirely into a country? Learning the language, experiencing the natural landscapes, the adventures on offer and discovering the unique culture that exists? Where better than Ecuador in South America for such an immersion? Land of untouched natural landscapes, extraordinary wildlife, rich colonial heritage and welcoming people. From the historical city of Quito, to the charming colonial city of Cuenca, the mind-blowing Amazon Jungle, to the coastal fishing town of Manta and finally the surf and party hotspot of Montañita – this is the ultimate Ecuador experience!

Along the way you’ll fit in four hours of Spanish daily, stay with a host family, indulge in cooking lessons, salsa lessons, visit the amazing volcanic Cotopaxi National Park, try paragliding, trek to the ‘poor man’s Galapagos’ the awesome Isla de la Plata AND learn to surf! (Well at least stand up on your board!) Not only that – you’ll make friends for life during this amazing one-month group-adventure. You’ll return home with a new language under your belt and a whole host of amazing travel experiences!

Included in the trip price:
*Assistance with Airport Transfer
* Spanish group tuition
* Host family (private bedroom, half board & laundry service in Manta, Quito & Cuenca)
* Shared mini-dorm in Montañita (four people)
* Shared dorm and full-board in the Amazon
* Cost of activities
* Transportation to different locations (except flight Quito-Manta after Amazon week)

Not included in the trip price:
* Food, drinks, snacks.
* International flight to Ecuador
* Airport pick-up on arrival (We can arrange this for you for an extra $30USD)
* Travel Insurance

1st January
29th January
26th February
26th March
23rd April
21st May
18th June
16th July
13th August
10th September
8th October
5th November
3rd December

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For more information on our experience at the Montañita Spanish school read our article!

You can download an information pack about the Traveling Classroom here!

Option A: Cuenca – $1,979 (1,527 GBP)

Option B: Jungle – $2,162 (1,667 GBP)

(For WEEK 2, you can choose between either spending time in the colonial city of Cuenca or heading out to the Amazon for jungle adventures!)

Deposit for both options is the same (305 GBP). You will just need to pay the remainder before you arrive in Quito – and email the trip provider before you arrive to let them know which option you prefer.

Price Breakdown (in USD):

  • Montañita US$458 (optional: upgrade to private cabana for $ 70 USD depending of the availability).
  • Manta US$ 573 (includes flight from Quito to Manta).
  • Quito US$541 ($ 35 USD additional if student request airport pick up).
  • Cuenca US$477.
  • Jungle US$590 (optional upgrade to private cabaña $75 USD).
  • SAT / SUN: You’ll arrive in Quito from your home country and spend the weekend getting settled with your host family!
  • MON: Monday at 8.30am bright and early you’ll begin the first of your Spanish group lessons – getting to know your classroom buddies and what you’ll be learning during your time with the Traveling Classroom!
  • TUE: Continue your Spanish lessons in the morning (every day 8.30am – 12.30pm), followed by a fun walking tour to discover the secrets of Quito Old Town in the afternoon.
  • WED: Spanish in the morning (you’ve got the pattern now!) followed by cooking lessons to learn a traditional recipe from Ecuadorian cuisine for lunch and then an amazing trip up Quito’s famous cable car to see the sunset and the city at night!
  • THU: After Spanish on Thursday you’ll visit the ‘Mitad Del Mundo’ the monument at the centre of the earth on the Equator (after which Ecuador is named of course!).
  • FRI: Finally on Friday you’ll have four more hours of Spanish in the morning (are you getting the hang of your la’s and your el’s now?) and then the afternoon is yours to relax and explore the city!
  • SAT: On Saturday, there’s a not-to-be-missed trip to the Cotopaxi National Park to visit the highest active volcano in the world. We’ll take you on an exhilarating trekking and downhill biking tour in full view of the awesome snowy conical peak.
  • SUN: Leave Quito and transfer to Cuenca (or the Amazon Jungle depending on your choice).
  • SUN: Spend a chilled out Sunday getting to know your new host family!
  • MON: Four hours of Spanish lessons in the morning, followed by a  city tour of charming Cuenca in the afternoon – a city of colonial architecture, cute cafes and seven fresh rivers running through.
  • TUE: Tuesday begins with your regular Spanish class followed by a taste of Salsa dance lessons in the afternoon! Learn the moves on the dance floor and practice in Cuenca’s lively bars in the evening time!
  • WED: After Spanish you’ll get all cultural, visiting the Central Bank Museum, the atmospheric ruins of Pumapungo and the Inca Garden.
  • THU: Thursday after Spanish you’ll take part (and get to eat of course!) in a traditional Cuencan cooking class!
  • FRI: On Friday there’s no Spanish lessons – instead a special visit to the historical Ingapirca!
  • SAT: On Saturday, for those who are interested in pampering themselves, there’s a trip to the nearby thermal springs in Baños (meaning baths) – where you can relax, soak, bathe in volcanic mud and even treat yourself to a massage. This is what weekends are for!
  • SUN: Sunday is transfer day where you’ll make your way to Guayaquil on the coast for the start of your next sunny adventure!

  • SUN: Arrive in the Amazon – the friendly town of Tena, the gateway to the jungle!
  • MON: Spanish lessons in the morning, followed by your first jungle adventure in the afternoon – learning to build your own raft and raft down the river!
  • TUE: Spanish in the morning and then trekking on the ‘island of birds’ in the afternoon where you’ll witness the amazing wildlife of the Amazon.
  • WED: After Spanish on Wednesday, you’ll head to an indigenous village to find out about the traditional use of the blowgun (and have a go at shooting yourself!) as well as trying the local chicha drink and discovering more about the mysterious Shamanism of the Jungle people here.
  • THU: On Thursday after Spanish you can either take a trip to try ‘gold washing’ and artisanal fishing 0r you can visit an animal rescue center in the heart of the Amazon to find out about the endangered species of the Ecuadorian rainforest.
  • FRI: After your Spanish lesson you’ll take a hard core trek in the jungle (with guide) to learn more about the incredible indigenous flora and fauna of the rainforest.
  • SAT: On Saturday, there’s an optional trip to a beautiful butterfly farm, rafting – or you can have a free day to relax (and practise your Spanish grammar of course!).
  • SUN: Departure.
  • SUN: On Sunday you’ll transfer in and meet your host family in the coastal city of Manta.
  • MON: Continue your Spanish lessons and have the afternoon free to explore Manta, shopping, relaxing or whatever you like!
  • TUE: Spanish in the morning and brushing up on your Salsa in afternoon lessons!
  • WED: After Spanish lessons you’ll visit the nearby town of Montecristi – birth place of the famous ‘Panama hat’ – now you thought that was Panama!
  • THU: Thursday is an adventurous day with students trying their hand at paragliding in the afternoon after Spanish lessons! Paragliding takes place in nearby Crucita and afterwards you’ll visit the charming ‘Tagua’ handicraft shops.
  • FRI: It’s Friday! You’ll be back in the kitchen learning to cook amazing coastal food of Ecuadorian tradition.
  • SAT: On Saturday all day, you’ll take a one-hour boat trip to visit the amazing ‘Isla del Plata’ to see incredible wildlife similar to the Galapagos Islands made famous by biologist Charles Darwin. Blue footed boobies, Frigates, amazing birdlife and in the summer – the world’s biggest fish – the awesome whale shark! You’ll also snorkel to see the gorgeous underwater life including sea turtles and many colorful critters.
  • SUN: Make your way by bus to your next destination…
  • SUN: Welcome to Ecuador’s star beach resort – sun, sands, fun and cocktails! On Sunday you’ll check into the friendly cabañas and start to make friends.
  • MON: Monday begins with two hours of Spanish in the morning, followed by surf lessons in the afternoon, back to Spanish lessons and then an optional Salsa class in the evening! Phew what a busy day! Still not tired? Go to the welcome dinner and hit the streets of Montañita for some mojitos and dancing!
  • TUE: Tuesday includes four hours of Spanish and two hours surf lesson.
  • WED: Spanish and surf and a cooking class if you fancy it!
  • THU: Spanish and surfing lessons – can you stand up on your board yet?
  • FRI: It’s Spanish lessons in the morning, surfing in the afternoon and relaxing on the beach topping up your tan!
  • SAT: Take a trip to nearby beaches to check out some new waves with your new-found surfing skills!
  • SUN: There’s a transfer to wherever you are going next – Quito / Manta / Cuenca.